Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time Gone "BYE"

Time has gone "Bye"!  Isn't that the truth?  I feel my last blog post was yesterday when in fact it was months ago!  One has to say, "bye" to the time we've "had" but can we actually say, "good bye"? Was that time gone by good or not?  I have to say my time "gone by" was "good bye" as so many wonderful things have happened to me since then.  My etsy shop expired where by most of you would be mortified, for me its a blessing because now I can post bracelets one at a time allowing for more "time" to spend marketing it!  You see, there is a blessing in everything not matter how good or bad the situation will find a blessing.  How you ask?  Simply by taking the "time" to look for it.  Often more times than not, I see people in a bad situation coping poorly and not seeing the blessing with in.  Why is that? mostly because the person takes the situation personally as if an offense was issued on purpose "to" them.  For instance, after leaving the grocery store you find a ding on your car door.  How do you feel? how do you react? most people react with rage or a milder form of anger.  We rant and swear with our hands on our hips looking about the parking lot for the culprit.  We analyze the car next to us to see if the paint matches.  Once we drive away, we stew about it and it grows inside of us. How could this have happened to me? we ask ourselves.  Why me?  why couldn't that person have parked somewhere else?  Realizing the ding was not done by a person from your past looking to exert an old high school revenge upon you, you can relax!  Its that simple.  These things happen.  Maybe within the time you were surveying the ding, you missed the opportunity of the person that ran the red light at the grocer's front entrance therefore saving your life.  This is a possiblity..hhmmmm, one has to wonder.  It doesn't change the fact that the ding exists however it makes looking at it a bit easier.  Think of all the blessings in your day, you may be surprised at what you find!  

Email your prayer requests or post them here so my prayer team can pray for you.  Chat soon!  Kathleen

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