Monday, July 28, 2008

Team Colors

Here is my new endeavor!  Team color Rosary for the Wrist bracelets!  What do you think?  I love this one.  Many sports teams from elementary school to professional teams proudly display these colors.  

As I look at the birthstone bracelets I have already made, I realized that many are color combinations of sports teams.  Burgundy and gold, blue and gold, green and white and so much more.  Many schools and professional teams share the same color combination so why not market my bracelets as Team Color bracelets? 

This bracelet in the photo represents a local elementary school (of which there must be one in every town who shares these colors), at least two universities of which I've only research about 10 universities and I don't know how many high schools!  How about team leagues? There must be hundreds of team leagues of soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey and more that would love to see their team colors represented here.  Be sure to visit my etsy shop (click on the etsy mini shop to the right) and visit my Team Color section to find the colors you would like to wear!  It will be a few more days before I post them so give me a chance to find as many color combinations within my bracelet inventory as I can! 

So for you sports fans whether you are a soccer Mom rooting for you child's team or a pro-team fanatic, these bracelets will help you show your Team Colors!

Remember to post your prayer intentions.  I've been praying the rosary every morning with my walk.  I have 5 decades to pray so there are plenty of Hail Mary's to include your prayer.  Thank you and do pray today..the Lord is waiting.  

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