Monday, April 21, 2008

A Prayer is needed

Hello, I want to take this moment to ask everyone and anyone who visits here to stop, close your eyes (after reading this) and either say a prayer or send healing thoughts to 2 people: first is my neighbor who will be induced tomorrow  Tues, April 22nd to have her first baby.  As some women know, induction of birth means a very hard labor and as a first baby this could be a long arduous labor.  Please keep "my neighbor" in your thoughts and/or prayers for a quick labor and a healthy baby.  Secondly, pray or send healing thoughts to April in Kansas City, MI that her back will heal quickly and effectively since her accident in January.  She was in her car at a stop when hit by a driver traveling at highway speeds.  To this day her back is having spasms causing great pain.  We have all had back pain or weakness at some point in our lives and can understand to a lesser degree her pain.  Lift her intention for rapid healing up to the powers that be so that they can reach out and help her!  For any atheist out there, just think of these 2 people in a positive way so that much like the butterfly effect your good thoughts will magnify and help.  There is energy and power in all of us, let us use it for the better of someone other than ourselves.  Thank you!

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