Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Photos from a Great Camera

After much time visiting other Etsy shops and comparing photos of my shop to those on Etsy's home page, I concluded it was time to take new photos of my bracelets.   Here is an example of a nice new shot.  Soft, soothing and representative of the Rosary itself, at least I think so!  Hope you like them as well.  My Etsy mini-shop to the right has a few other shots of bracelets taken with the Bible either closed or open.  Today I will photograph them on an old hymnal book I have.  I really feel those shots will come out just as beautiful.  The true credit goes to my new Canon camera: the S5IS.  Wow!  for the price, this camera is a gem!  Check it out on and at your local retailer! 

Keep the faith and keep praying...its healthy both emotionally and spiritually!  Enjoy the day!

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